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Fic: Ashes of Burned Bridges

*sighs* So I was rewatching 6x01 and 6x02, and a friend and I started talking about what's missing in the show so far, what's wrong with Sam, and my thinking that the worst thing for Dean to do after he hit the road again in 6x02 would be to rejoin Sam. That spawned this fic, a conversation between Sam and Dean that's really long overdue. Fortunately or unfortunately, the show would never do this.

Title: Ashes of Burned Bridges
Rating: PG
Genre: gen
Word count: ~1200
Spoilers/Summary: Post 6x02, spoilers for everything up to that. Sam finds Dean on the road. They have a long overdue conversation about family. Not happy.


"You and I have very different concepts of family . . ."Collapse )


Fic: Call Me Trimtab

*peeks head in*

Y'know, sometimes Life really sucks out loud. That's why I've not been around the last few months, in case anybody was wondering. I wrote this months ago right after the finale aired, and only now got around to polishing and posting, partially because I sat down with the S5 DVD and rewatched Swan Song. Figured since I won't be able to watch the season 6 premiere this week, I might as well get it done before it's totally Kripke'd (or Gamble'd, I guess). Speaking of which, I'm completely spoiler-free for everything upcoming.

Title: Call Me Trimtab
Rating: PG-13 for language
Genre: gen
Word count: ~2600
Spoilers: post 5x22 Swan Song
Summary: The last thing Sam really asked of him, and here Dean is screwing it all up, as usual. But honestly, how is he just supposed to let Sam go and move on?
A/N: Title is from R. Buckminster Fuller, the epitaph on his grave. A trimtab is the smallest part of a rudder for a ship or airplane, and controls the direction of the craft.

Dean can't sleep . . .Collapse )

To Better Suit Your Moves -- Masterpost

Title: To Better Suit Your Moves
Pairing: Jared/Jensen, with some Chad/Sophia and JDM/Samantha Ferris
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: explicit m/m sex, language, character bashing, lots of dancing
Word count: 37,714
Summary: J2 AU based on the Baz Lurhmann movie Strictly Ballroom. Jared is a champion ballroom dancer who's lost his partner and his passion just weeks before Nationals. Jensen's a beginner who knows music like he breathes but needs a teacher to compete. Neither knew that their partnership of convenience would turn into so much more, or how learning to dance their own steps could uncover secrets long buried. As dance studio politics and their passion both reach a fever pitch, they have to decide what they really want out of life -- winning, or love.

A/N: I own nothing and intend no infringement or disrespect. This is a work of fiction, not meant to reflect anyone's real life or situations. Title from Carlos Santana's Smooth. Written for au_bigbang  2010.

Artwork created by the wonderfully talented insane_songbird .

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download the pdf version here or here.